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The Toledo Gem & Rockhound Club
Toledo, OH | (419) 531-8124

Welcome to our club

We are an active and diverse group. From educators to artists, collectors to geology enthusiasts, there are many ways to enjoy rock related hobbies with our club.

There are many opportunities to get involved depending upon your areas of interest. Most of our meetings are at the Toledo Botanical Gardens where we are part of the Garden's group of Resident Organizations. Join our club and attend our various Satellite Groups where you will be given hands on instruction in different facets of our hobby, or check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Our club holds several events each year where the public can learn about the many facets of our hobby and what our club does. We hold two open houses as well as our annual show. Our show is held at the Stranahan Great Hall in Toledo, Ohio in September. Our openhouess are in spring and fall. Check out our events page for details of these and all of our classes and meetings.